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  1. Mac GPT partition table recovery

    UPDATE (Jan 12th 2012): see end of post for a much quicker restore method.

    UPDATE (written 19th March 2015, don't recall release date): Samsung now has a firmware updater that works on Mac, and the update fixes this issue.

    For reasons yet unknown, my Mac system disk lost its ...

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  2. it's shit like this, PHP

    This post has two snippets of code that demonstrate some aspects of the braindeadness that appears to be inherent in PHP arrays. I suggest trying to predict the output (especially with exhibit A) before you run the scripts, for extra fun ;)

    Exhibit A:

        // create empty array $a
        $a = array ...
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  3. twitter clients, redux

    With the demise of Nambu into no-DM-territory, I am looking for a new Mac OS X Twitter client again. This time, no reviews, just short (rejection) notes.

    • Nambu: lost DM support last week. No streaming. Often errors during refresh. Otherwise, best client ever.

    • Twitter.app: looks like shit. Does not ...
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  4. from symlinks to private keys

    In my previous blog post I wondered

    I don’t know what the mathematical implications of having the last few bits of a private key are, but it can’t be good.

    As it turns out, for DSA, quite bad.

    In short, this pam_env symlink issue, in some cases, allows ...

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  5. on CVE-2010-3435

    When logging in, Ubuntu shows (admin?) users some useful information, such as

    70 packages can be updated.
    35 updates are security updates.

    I recently ran into an issue where this information popped up twice on each login – one up-to-date entry and one outdated entry. Some investigation showed that somehow /etc ...

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  6. dreaming wikipedia

    Last night, I dreamt that this Wikipedia-article existed, with these lines in it.

    Load average

    Originally defined as the difference between available system memory and free memory.


    Load average can also be calculated for car engines; a common value is 2.2.

    I swear I’m not making this up ;)

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