1. disabling the family filter on Dailymotion for iPhone/iPad

    The Dailymotion REST APIs currently honour the family_filter cookie that their user-facing website uses to manage filter settings. This makes the API, effectively, not RESTful because there is state involved.

    The bigger implication however, is that injecting one cookie (family_filter=off) into your iPhone/iPad-application will fully disable the family ...

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  2. cron considered harmful

    On numerous occasions I have lamented both the design and the typical usage of cron to friends and other geeks. My main gripes:

    • jobs are not protected against running concurrently (design issue)
    • intervals are fixed (design issue)
    • people tend to schedule the same job at the same time on whole ...
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  3. silly Python unicode mistake

    For a simple blog-to-twitter posting gateway (source code) I’m relying on the excellent feedparser and twitter modules, and I am trusting them to handle unicode strings without trouble. With most well-written Python modules (and these two are no exception!) methods will return unicode strings as they see fit, and ...

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  4. a snappy definition

    snappy comeback, n.:

    a witty retort designed to make the audience go ‘oh, SNAP’

    Also – sometimes you don’t think of a snappy comeback until hours later. Is there a word for that?

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  5. Unix trivia: echo cat | sed statement

    I occasionally run into weird, funny or surprising aspects of Unix and Unix-like Operating Systems. I'll try to post about those regularly because they're fun.

    This one popped up on irc a few weeks ago; a google search suggests it's at least 6 months old. I have ...

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  6. Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.04: worst upgrade experience ever.

    I'm used to smooth upgrades of both single packages and full distributions, with Debian and Ubuntu. Not so for this upgrade from 9.10 to 10.04. I'll sum up the failures I encountered and my suggested fixes:

    • after upgrading+rebooting, your native IPv6 is suddenly replaced by ...
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  7. scrolling in large resultsets with SQL

    This article on the SQLite wiki details how to efficiently maintain a small window on a big dataset without sacrificing performance, in environments that cannot maintain actual cursors, or where doing so is prohibitively expensive. Rule 2 in the article applies to other databases too; the method detailed in the ...

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  8. HTTP on Unix sockets with Python

    Initially I had a more elaborate version based on the exact connect() code in the higher class, but this simpler version works just fine. Incidentally, what the xen xm commandline tool uses works identically ;)

    class UHTTPConnection(httplib.HTTPConnection):
        """Subclass of Python library HTTPConnection that
           uses a unix-domain socket.
        def __init__ ...
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  9. finding dangling symbolic links

    find -L . -type l

    Replace . with the directory you want to investigate, of course. Works with both GNU and (Free)BSD find. Rationale: -L makes find act on the (transitive closuse of the) target of a symlink -- unless the target doesn’t exist, in which case find acts on the ...

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