A plea for favicon

tabs with favicons

Everybody should have a favicon! It doesn’t have to be beautiful or anything, just have one! I find that favicons make tabbed browsing (I’m using Firefox) so much easier. Imagine all tabs in the image to have the same default ‘piece of paper with a folded corner’-look - I would get lost (and I still do, often, because many people don’t have a favicon).

As you may have noticed, this site has a favicon now, too. It’s nothing special but it does the job for me: making tab content obvious. You should, too. Please.

Note that I have not added a link header - I’m too lazy and it does the job for me without just fine. Please let me know if this is different for any browser that people still use.

Howto: create a 16x16 image in The Gimp (zoom in, it helps). Save as anything (I chose png), then use Xnview to convert it to a Windows Icon. Some credit goes to MavEtJu, but netpbm would keep aborting with `out of memory’, so I used XnView.